The Cruiser Academy fleet consists of PS-28 Cruiser aircraft.

The PS-28 Cruiser is Type Certified as Light Sport Aircraft according to the European aviation standards and can be fully commercially operated in all European countries or in countries where the PS-28 Cruiser obtained the local certification.

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One of the key benefits from operating a PS-28 Cruiser under the Cruiser Academy is the ability to ensure a continuing technical support to its aircraft fleet. Because Cruiser Academy is directly linked to the PS-28 producer Czech Sport Aircraft there is a system for spare parts established and technical/maintenance support with on request troubleshooting.

In case of aircraft is rented, Cruiser Academy provides a constant supervision to its fleet and to its pilot whenever an assistance is needed.

There is also a possibility to provide a safety pilot when needed for pilots willing to have more confidence on board.

To get more information about PS-28 Cruiser or about aircraft renting, do not hesitate to contact us on info@cruiseracademy.eu